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Farm to Phillip Island – Part 1 – Off Road to the Australian MotoGP

Armed only with a KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and a newly built Kit690, the Adventurist.TV crew set off for an unsupported adventure ride to the 2018 Australian MotoGP at Phillip Island. This is day 1 of “Farm to Phillip Island” – our off-road adventure to the 2018 Australian MotoGP. Covering dirt roads through NSW including Abercrombie, Wheeo, Blakney Creek, Wee Jasper, Brindabella and Long Plain, we discover stunning scenery and amazing roads on our first day in the saddle.


GPX Track Files

We’ve moved our collection of GPX Track Files to this page. Please note: conditions may have changed since these tracks were recorded. Use your own judgement and ride at your own risk.


The Six Foot Track and Kanangra Walls with Sydney Adventure Riders

30 bikes from all makes and models set off from Richmond, NSW, with the aim to ride The Six Foot Track and end up at Kanangra Walls. On the way, we detoured through my current-favourite practise track, Burralow Creek and Patterson Range Fire Trail. After The Six Foot Track, the group then stopped at Jenolan Caves. I didn’t stop for lunch, so I suspect I might be the only rider who actually made it to Kanangra Walls. It was worth it. Enjoy the ride!


Patterson Range Fire Trail – Practise Your Adventure Riding Skills

The combination of Patterson Range Fire Trail, Burralow Firetrail amd Burralow Rd forms a great little track, not that far from Sydney, for practising your adventure riding skills. It’s got some dirt, a little sand, and some rocky sections, dropping altitude down to Burralow Creek and back up again on the other side. There’s even a camping area down by the creek. As always, remember to watch for oncoming vehicles! Enjoy the ride!


Software update 4.40 for Garmin Zumo 595

Garmin recently released software update version 4.40 for their Zumo 595 motorcycle GPS unit. I’ve had problems in the past getting the Zumo 595 to talk to my Mac, so I was eager to install the update in the hopes that it would solve the problem. Unfortunately, as seems to happen too often with Garmin gear, it wasn’t as smooth a process as it should have been. So, to save you the pain that I went through, here’s how you do it: First of all, you may need to update your version of Garmin Express. This isn’t all that tricky, and the software itself will tell you if it is necessary. Once that’s done and your Zumo 595 is connected again, click on the ‘Install’ button in Garmin Express to install the Zumo software update. After the files have been copied to your device, the instructions on-screen will tell you to ‘eject’ your device, disconnect it and wait 5 seconds. So far so good. But here’s where their instructions start to lead you astray. Don’t reconnect the device to your computer after 5 seconds as instructed by Garmin Express. What you actually need to do is power the GPS on without...


Oberon to Yass – Taking on the Dirt

In this video, I am exploring and verifying a route that I mapped from Oberon to Yass via as many dirt roads as I could manage to link up. This route is planned to be used for part of our upcoming “Farm to Phillip Island” trip to watch the Australian MotoGP in October. The day started out very cold, but the spectacular scenery on the way more than made up for it, and riding a short section with a mate was an unplanned highlight.


Microphone wind noise is gone!

This video explains how I solved my motovlogging wind noise, crackling and popping problems. I’ve been on a couple adventures on the 1290R recently, and I’ve tried recording them on my GoPro Hero 5 and Sony stereo microphone. Unfortunately, the audio has been completely unusable due to excessive wind noise and popping and crackling noises. And it’s entirely my fault – I’ve been running the microphone inside the helmet without any sort of wind protection. Well not any more, thanks to several YouTubers, primarily these guys: – jay fiver rides – Yet NotDead I’ve crafted a cover out of foam and dead-cat, and managed to get the problem sorted. No longer do I get any popping or crackling, and the wind noise levels are greatly reduced and now at an acceptable level. And as a added bonus, I’m using a different GoPro mount, so I can now get the camera level. Winning! Here’s my setup (now with level camera shots and less wind noise!): – GoPro Hero 5 Black (side mounted) – Sony ECM CS10 Stereo Microphone (covered in foam and dead-cat)


2018 Touratech Adventure Challenge

A fantastic weekend riding down to and taking part in the 2018 Touratech Adventure Challenge in Myrtleford, Victoria in March, 2018. I rode down on the Friday on the highway to Yass, then turned left and took the back roads through Wee Jasper and continued on down through dirt and country roads to Myrtleford.    I met up with YouTube’s Nerb1 (aka Brendon) and a couple of his friends, Mark and Chris, and we completed the adventure challenge as a group. Thanks to all those guys for making we feel welcome. And thanks to Brendan and Mark for the team win!   The event is a load of fun. Get yourself and your adventure bike down there next year and take part!


Riding Belanglo State Forest on a KTM Super Adventure R

The afternoon session of the Chris Birch Adventure Clinic saw us exploring some of the challenging (for big adventure bikes) fire trails of Belanglo State Forest. Check out a previous video of the morning session of the Chris Birch Adventure Clinic.