Farm to Phillip Island – Part 2 – Off Road to the Australian MotoGP

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2 Responses

  1. Harry says:

    I purchased a 1290 SAR this year and would like to use my garmin 595 lm with the Touratech mount as you do (on the KTM bracket). However, the max. weight according to KTM is 500grams (half a kilogram) while the whole gear exeeds (almost) one kilogram.

    Do you have any negative experience regarding vibrations or damages of the windshild brackets (left and right)?

    Greetings from Austria!


    • adventurist says:

      Like you, I was concerned that this might be a problem when I originally fitted the KTM GPS bracket, but after nearly 6000km, it is still going strong. The KTM bracket can get a little loose and floppy over time, which allows the GPS to bounce up and down a little over rough terrain, but tightening it up has mostly solved that.

      I have had the nut securing the locking mechanism of the Touratech GPS mount fall off due to vibrations, but it is a standard thread size, so I was able to purchase a replacement at a hardware store and I have added some lock-tite to stop it coming off again.

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